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House Washing

You wouldnt leave years between washing your car, so why would you do the same to your house?

See below why you should protect your biggest asset with an annual house wash!

house-washing-00Paint Manufacturers Recommend to extend the life of your paint, regular cleaning is required. House washing can remove moss, mold and lichen reducing permanent staining and damage. Property maintenance such as a house wash, driveway and path clean to remove moss build up can not only make your property look like new, it can also make concrete surface areas far less slippery and dangerous.

Before pressure washing your house we apply a bio-degradable chemical to kill mould & fungus and soften road dust and general dirt & grime. Once this solution has been given time to dissolve stubborn mould & dirt it is then washed off to make your home look like new again. We clean from the gutter to the ground, including rinsing the windows.


Small single level home up to 120m2 $ 175 - $ 240
Large single level & small two level home $ 240 - $ 349
Medium two level to large two level home $ 349 - $ 420
Large two level or more than two level $ 420 +


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